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It is all too easy at a holiday destination to be enveloped with the beauty, wining and dining. However, when you next visit India, consider some facts about Goa.

Facts About Goa – It’s Arabian Connection

When we speak about the Arabian sea, countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen come to mind. Bear in mind, though, when you dip your toes in the warm sea waters, that Goa is bordered by the ‘Arabian Sea’.

Facts About Goa – Small and Large

Goa is India’s smallest state and fourth smallest state in terms of population, however, it would be wrong to downplay Goa, since it’s GDP per capita is the largest in India!(Source: Wikipedia)

Facts About Goa – Portuguese Connections

Vasco de Gama is not the capital of Goa, however, it is the largest city in Goa. And, that’s just the beginning of Goa’s Portuguese connections. The area used to be a Portuguese province, and, Portuguese India existed for a whopping 450 years until it was annexed by India in 1961.

Facts About Goa – Language Peculiarities

When one thinks about India, Hindi comes to mind as the native language. You might be surprised to know that only 5.7% of Goa residents speak Hindi, whereas exactly 10 times that amount, 57% speak a language called Konkani!

Dig a little bit under the surface, and, the facts about Goa might surprise you. This tiny, but prosperous Indian state may shatter our preconceptions about India, which is a sprawling, heavily populated country!

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